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Pump Repair

Doerr Motor and Pump specializes in rebuilding all types of pumps including centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, grinder pumps, stage pumps, split case pumps, gear pumps, air pumps, and vacuum pumps. We can even rebuild your pool and spa pumps.

All pumps are dismantled and inspected. All mechanical fits are checked including bearing and seal fits, shaft extension, wear ring, and other mechanical fits the pump may present. The pump seal is identified and measured. Windings are surge comparison tested, insulation resistance tested and hipot test performed. Windings are fully cleaned out and recoated in insulator varnish. Impellors are inspected for wear and repaired if needed. Cords are inspected and resealed, repaired or replaced if needed. Seals are matched to the pumped fluid. Rotors and shafts are precision balanced. Pumps are replaced with new gaskets and o rings. Motors are test ran before seal instillation. Pumps are pressure tested with air to ensure a good seal.

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